Its that time again!

It is that time of the year again. Sweaty parents, hassled kids, nosy relatives and what not. Everyone is interested in how the kid scores. And suddenly like a storm on a calm day, results are announced. Newspapers puke with ads of various academies boasting about their kids and the highest they have scored. Parents search for the photos of their kids and feel proud of the 2 inch space their face occupies. These are the very results which will most certainly decide their future.

The announcement is followed by the mad rush of counseling, paying fees, deciding a branch, shifting homes (or shifting to a hostel), chaos, tears, new experiences and inevitably a LOT of travelling.

Yet, these results do not decide what the kid’s future will hold. No-one realizes the importance of proper guidance this stage requires. While some kids really know what they want to do in life, for majority it is like a kind of march. They travelled from 1st to 10th, then till 12th and now towards the future. Parents mostly do not belong to the field a kid wants and are as inexperienced as them.

Advice is sought from relatives, cousins and neighbors who were in the field at least a decade ago. They fuel parents with their own ideas which are again a decade old! In all these hysterics, a decision is made. A branch is chosen and the kid starts his studies.

After all these chaos, is it really surprising that the kid loses interest after a couple of years? Some kids do go on because they love studies, money, lifestyles and  their parents (not necessarily in the same order!) and want to have a good life. But why does it raise so many eyebrows if a kid wants to quit and start afresh? Maybe that was exactly what he was supposed to do, but got sidetracked. I wish all the best to all kids and parents. Make a wise decision – while you can.

Hello Homo Sapiens!

I am an Aerospace engineer. Completely new to blogging, I begin by introducing myself. SO yeah, an aerospace engineer has been my introduction for the past 4 years and my aspiration for countless before that.

Yet, as I finished my graduation (which was a couple of months back btw), I switched from being that and am now waiting to join a company as a business analyst. A new identity. I hope to be able to write more in the coming posts about why I felt the need to change that.

But hey! I am not restricted to academics or my profession! A bit geeky from the start, books are my first love. People who know me say I have an irritating habit of swallowing any book that catches my fancy. I love swimming and dancing (add rains and ahhh its heaven!).

As to why am I here, I love writing. Its something that I want to do almost every second. Of course, who does not want to be heard and understood? I write about anything that captivates me.

Just spreading my thoughts is not the only motto though. I yearn to help people. It is wrongly assumed that help can be of a few certain types like monetary or physical or emotional or through some kind of support. My motto is to help you smile, help you by just being a voice that is ready to listen. Almost everyone of us here has something to say about almost everything in the universe! Lets talk and listen at the same time.. Because both are equally important.

So lets start this journey together!!